Subscriber Benefits

Benefits For “Basic” Program Subscribers

Signing up for our “basic” program will essentially mean you’re joining a preferred customer mailing list, which will provide you with early notice of new arrivals, and occasional member-only deals. We will rarely (if ever) send more than one alert weekly.

Benefits For “VIP” Program Subscribers

The cards will look similar to this.

The cards will look similar to this.

We will be slowly rolling out a VIP customer program in the coming months. Early subscribers will be issued “Foundation” member cards, which will be connected to a unique user number and barcode. Using this card with each purchase will allow you to accumulate points toward future rewards and other benefits.

How The Plans Differ

Want Better Discounts?

We recommend the VIP Subscriber option. More perks, and a 30% discount reward just for signing up!


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Simpler Signup?

Our Basic Alerts offer a quicker signup, but fewer benefits. You can always upgrade later.

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